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Chicken Peckers.    

Theses are the same size as a human would eat.

4 waffles are $12.95 plus shipping 

8 waffles are $16.95

If you dont want to ship you can always come pick them up. 

Chicken Balls are the same except for in a round shape or a mini muffin size. 

Goats also LOVE the Chicken Balls. 

Rounds come in 6 in a bag for $14.95 plus shipping

Mini muffins come 12 to a bag for $14.95 plus shipping. 

If you dont want to ship you can always come pick them up. 

Proceeds from Chicken Peckers go directly to Senior Smiles,

bringing smiles to seniors one barnyard Buddie at a time. 

Please MAKE SURE you include your email address so I can send you your totall with shipping. Barnyard Buddies ONLY takes Pay Pal or CASH if you pick your Chicken Peckers up. 


Chicken Waffles

Chicken Balls

Chicken Peckers are all natural chicken (or goat) enhancement treats.
Made with flour, egg, peanut butter and spent grains.
Chicken Peckers come in two different styles, Waffles and balls.

This is a great healthy treat for your chickens that will give them enrichment. 

Warning there is PEANUT BUTTER in these, if you have a peanut  allergy.