Barnyard Buddies Mn

Barnyard Buddies

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We are NOT doing any parties at this time.

We moved out of state and have not found

someone to take over our events or our


Barnyard Buddies MN has Mini cows. Some are colored, some are fuzzy. Some are 38 inches full grown some are as small as 26 inches full grown. You will meet Teddy a 26 inch little girl who is super fuzzy. On the left is Freckles when she was little, now is a whopping 38 inches. 

Barnyard Buddies MN has a herd of mini horse that were a rescue. They are now healthy and like people. Mistameaner is a small gelding who as you can guess by his name akways likes to get into trouble. 

Also residents at Barnyard Buddies MN are curled horned rams, that came from an auction very underweight and hated people. Now we cant do anything in the pasture without getting rubbed or pushed. LOL  Panda is a mini that has gotten very fuzzy and is just an attention freak. She stayed small and is 26 inches tall. 

Dont forget about our other Barnyard Buddies, Sheep, whitetail deer, goats of every color, chickens ducks, pheasants, pigs, regular size horses including a Gypsy Vanner Stud named Leo, Emus, waffle, Pancake and Egor.


for Animal care. 100% of ALL donations will go towards our barnyard animal friends.